Bean Boozled the Jelly Belly Spinner Game (3rd Edition) - £8.00

Puts a whole new spin on playing with your food!
The BeanBoozled Spinner Game is a little like Russian Roulette - spin the wheel and let the game dictate the next colour bean someone has to eat. But each colour has 2 possible is yum but the other is yuk and you won't know which is which until you eat it!

A fabulous & fun game to play anytime.

Full Flavour Line up:

Tutti Fruitti...or Stinky Socks

Lime...or Lawn Clippings

Buttered Popcorn...or Rotten Egg

Berry Blue...or Toothpaste

Peach...or Vomit

Chocolate Pudding...or Canned Dog Food

Juicy Pear...or Booger

Coconut...or Baby Wipes

Weight of sweets 100g