If you're in a sugar rush you can find your favourite sweets quickly with this alphabetical list.

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Ais for...

Acid Drops

Alphabet Letters

American Hard Gums

American Cream Soda Powder

Anglo Bubbly

Aniseed Balls

Apple Bon Bons

Army & Navy Tablets

Assorted Toffees

B is for...

Barley Sugar

Banana Toffee Eclairs

Black & White Mints

Black Jacks

Blackcurrant & Liquorice

Bon Bons (apple)

Bon Bons (Blue Raspberry

Bonbons (Blackcurrant)

Bonbons (Lemon)

Bonbons (strawberry)

Bonbons (Toffee)

Brandy Snaps


Buttered Brazil Nuts


C is for...

Candy Floss

Candy Jewellery

Candy Sticks

Catherine Wheels

Cherry Lips

Chewing Nuts

Chewy Fruits

Chocolate Counters

Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

Chocolate Covered Cinder Toffee

Chocolate Covered Fondant Creams

Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight

Chocolate Eclairs

Chocolate Flavour Beans

Chocolate Fruits

Chocolate Lick

Chocolate Limes

Chocolate Mini Eggs

Chocolate Nibbles

Chocolate Peanuts

Chocolate Raisins

Cinder Toffee

Coconut Ice

Coconut Mushrooms

Coffee Creams

Cola Bottles

Cola Cubes

Coltsfoot Rock

Cough Candy (traditional)

Cough Candy Twists

D is for...

Dew Drops

Dark Chocolate Brazils

Dolly Mixtures

Double Cherries

Double Lollies

Drumstick Lollies

E is for...

Edinburgh Rock

English Toffees

Everton Mints

F is for...


Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

Fizzy Bubblegum Balls

Fizzy Cherry Balls

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles

Fizzy Mix

Floral Gums

Flying Saucers

Foamy Bananas

Foamy Shrimps

Fried Eggs

Fruit Caramels

Fruit Cream Cables

Fruit Jellies

Fruit Pastilles

Fruit Rock

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad (Lion’s)


G is for...

Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles

Giant Snakes

Giant Strawberries


Grannies Herbals

Gray’s Teacakes

H is for...

Heart Throbs


J is for...


Jelly Babies

Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly® Beans

Jelly Berries

Jelly Buttons (Spogs)

Jelly Mix

Jelly Teddies

Juicy Lips

K is for...

Kola Cubes

Kopp Kops

L is for...

Lemon Bonbons

Lion’sFruit Salad

Lion’s Fruit Pastilles

Lion’s Liquorice Gums

Lion’s Midget Gems

Lion’s Poor Bens

Lion’s Sports Mixture

Liquorice Allsorts

Liquorice Black & White Mints

Liquorice Catherine Wheels

Liquorice Comfits

Liquorice Gums

Liquorice Root

Liquorice (salt)

Liquorice Sticks (Bassetti)

Liquorice Sticks ('Spanish')

Liquorice Toffee

Liquorice Wands


Love Hearts

M is for...



Midget Gems

Milk Bottle Gums

Milk Chocolate Brazils

Milk Chocolate Caramels

Milk Chocolate Counters


Mini Jelly Babies

Mint Creams

Mint Chocolate Eclairs

Mint Humbugs

Mint Imperials

Mr Tom Peanut Bar

N is for...

Nougat (Almond)

Nougat (Pink and White)

Nougat (Tutti Fruitti)

O is for...

Orange Creams

One of Everything Bag

P is for...

Parma Violets

Peanut Brittle

Pear Drops

Pineapple Cubes

Pint Pots

Plain Chocolate Caramels

Pontefract Cakes

Poor Bens

Popping Candy

R is for...

Rainbow Crystals

Red Pontefract Cakes

Rhubarb & Custard

Rhubarb & Custard (Haribo)

Rose Creams

Rosy Apples

Rum Balls

S is for...

Salt Liquorice

Sarsaparilla Drops

Sherbet Dip Dab

Sherbet Fountain

Sherbet Lemons

Sherbet Pips


Sour Apple Cubes

Sour Blue Raspberries

Spearmint Chews

Spogs (Jelly Buttons)

Sport’s Mixture

Strawberry Bonbons

Strawberry Creams

Sugared Almonds

Sugar Free Sweets & Chocolates

Sugar Mice

Sweet Peanuts

Sweet Tobacco

T is for...

Throat and Chest

Toffees (Assorted)

Toffees (Banana)

Toffees (English)

Toffees (Liquorice)

Toffees (Milk Chocolate Covered Caramels)

Toffees (Plain Chocolate Covered Caramels)

Toffees (Treacle)

Toffee Bonbons

Toffee Crumble

Turkish Delight

V is for...

Violet Creams

Voice Tablets

W is for...

Wham Bars

White Chocolate Counters

White Mice

Wine Gums

Winter Mixture

Yis for...

Can't decide? Then try them all!

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